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Citizens of Swavenation are in direct contact with Tory. Once you become a citizen, you can receive exclusive music, limited merchandise and video premieres from Tory as a way to say "Thank you" for your dedication. Often Citizens will receive invitations to secret dinners when he's on tour so that he can spend time face to face.

Join the citizenship program, but as a citizen, understand you're not becoming a fan of an artist, you're joining a movement.

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Management: Sascha Stone Guttfruend (sascha@scoremoreshows.com)

PR: Reid Kutrow
PR: Carla Sacks

Booking: N. AMERICA (joe@windishagency.com)
Booking: WORLD (jrubin@wmeentertainment.com)

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Get special offers directly from Tory, including exclusive music and videos, as well as a chance to catch him face to face when he is on tour.
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